Saturday, January 16, 2010 gets another overhaul

Good evening fellow humans.

I hope everyone is doing well this fine evening. I am really diggin' this mild weather we've been having round here the last few days. Getting some fresh air and seeing other humans again has been quite motivational and inspirational.

Been compiling lists of jobs and goals and things, i'm filling up every scrap of paper in this apartment with notes and doodles and information and research and numbers and graphs... hahaha ok, maybe not graphs, but i swear, its going to come to that. Todays doodle -->

Yesterday and early this morning i spent a great deal of time revamping my website once more. I got rid of all of the older artwork and sketchbook stuff, though i am working on designing a page to display some of my tarot sketches and things of that nature. It was just time to retire some of the older artwork and keep it classy ;) click the image to check it out

the contact page is still under construction (somehow it still links to the old contact page, which i suppose is better than linking to nothing at all (p.s. i almost typed "semen" instead of somehow back there))


Anonymous said...

ah! i just came from that website! after coming to it from DA! XD
actually, that's what i wanted to know. i saw your tarot card images and was wondering if you were going to publish them? there just sooo cute! <3
anyways, im going to keep following you here, i love your artwork! <3

smushbox said...

i am going to publish them! i have quite a bit more than half done now, so it's just a matter of time before it's finished and available to the public for purchase :)

and thank you so much!