Thursday, March 28, 2013

Body Harvest

N64 at its finest. 

Body Harvest is one of the finest pieces of media I've ever encountered. Ever.

Tickling dead bodies is pretty hilarious. 
Alien bugs attack!

Try out many different vehicles 
 This game is like Grand Theft Auto with aliens but better.  Its got this great landscape of desert and random homes.  Beware the water because you will drown.  There are fun interactions such as, reading books on shelves and lighting lanterns and tickling dead bodies in caves.

Read signs and enter houses!
The controls are a little awkward but you get used to them quickly. But really, you can drive around in cars and you will get randomly attacked by giant alien bugs, while you try to figure out where the hell to go on each of your missions.  But you will have a ton of fun exploring and doing trick jumps and killing random civilians.

Don't forget to shoot alien bugs!

This game is not for the weak of heart and it is definitely on my list of favorite games of all time. If you ever have the opportunity to play this game jump on it.

*Hint* when placing TNT back the fuck up!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passover Evening - Mounted Deer Head Fun

Leftover Christmas painting 

The incomplete works of Crystal Mielcarek

So I have been having issues determining how finished this piece is... Ever since I got to this point in the painting I could not figure out if I liked or wanted to continue the pattern i started at the bottom, wether or not the shape of the wood mount was good, if I liked the black drips or needed to make them a different color and what the fuck was going on with that brighter green splotch on the left side of the deer's neck.

It's still pretty cool though... 

Morning walk about town - night time sketches

I had an eventful day so far... Traveled long distances by foot to acquire dish and hand soap for the house and coffee for myself. I also consumed a delicious ruben from the L George's Coney Island in Hamtramck.  It ended up being my breakfast and my lunch due to the massive size of the sandwich.

Last night was good too, I pulled out the old sketchbook for some brainstorming.  I suppose I should be doing that more... Seems there is a lot in my head that needs to get out lately.

So here are the best of the sketchin's I did last night for you to admire.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New artwork & The New Nightmare

New artwork & the New Nightmare

Mermaid Boobs

So I've determined that Wes Craven's The New Nightmare is
boring me so instead I will update my blog.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I would rather pay attention to my blog than this movie.

Personally, I feel like the movie being the movie and talking about the movie or whatever is happening is quite lame.


        On another note, here is some artwork I have created.  

No thanks to Wes Craven.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mint Zombie Chip - Ice Scream Cone for sale now - Original Artwork

Original artwork - for sale on Etsy!

Mint Zombie Chip - acrylic on canvas
I'm really working on unloading some of my older works right now so many new original art pieces will be up on my Etsy account soon.  I've listed this popular piece today!  check it out 

This piece was displayed at 323 East in Royal Oak and also at the Starkweather Arts Center gallery in Romeo Michigan 

I also think I used this one at one of the Noel Nights in Detroit a few years ago as one of the center pieces of my display.  

Once I get a bit of my work unloaded and a bit of cash I'm planning on reinvesting it into some smaller items such as buttons, new business cards and trinkets, a postcard mailer, possibly a tee shirt design and who knows what else!

Framed up all nicely

So support your local artist if only to help 
increase the odds
that smaller
fun items 
will be available!

Keep your eyes peeled for new art and 
some excerpts from my sketchbook!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

By chance,


Skeleton friends
One day I'm getting on my own ass to get off my ass
and start working harder to promote and enter shows
and competitions and such, and the next day I'm
invited to join into another show - my good friend
Heather Hansma has just informed me of another
opportunity coming up in August.

I will join in for the fun and festivities , the show is called:

It will be at Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo MI.  I shall post more details as I know them :)

I will also be updating my Etsy shop - will be having some prints and original artwork for sale - check it out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Last Unicorn

Another Wednesday

The Last Unicorn - acrylic on canvas
So, there is finally some news to update people on, I do have a couple of art shows coming up this spring:

One show is at ViSalus in Troy Michigan in April.

There will be more details on this coming up - I've got four pieces that will be displayed in their office building for a grand opening art exhibition.

Another show will be at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck Michigan
check out the facebook page:

this show will take place
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 from 7:00pm - 2:00am so keep tabs on my Facebook page or this blog and I'll try 
to make sure I update more than twice a year!  I'm going to do my best to have more going on a bit more frequently!

Thanks for reading!