Wednesday, April 29, 2009

kittens vomit tee shirt now available:

hello friends
it's very late
i finished a painting tonite
and primed my munny

i bid you goodnight
with a link
to my cafe press
where you can now get
delicious looking
kittens vomit stars and rainbows original tee shirt design

tell me what's up

smushbox stuff on cafe press

Monday, April 27, 2009

spiders are invading my home

i seriously killed the most gigantic spider today after grabbing a sub from quiznos. as i was about to walk into my home... there it was, blocking the entrance of my doorway. i stopped in my tracks.... trying to come up with a plan of action, any plan would do. i hesitated, stared into it's eyes.... and he stared right back.

this dude was the size of a quarter in body alone... with the legs he had to be like, two inches. still frozen, i begin to panic... i can't live out in the hallway the rest of my life and i cannot be a pussy and call for help, anyone i know lives 15-20 minutes out of the way to just rush over and kill a spider.

so, finally, in a fit of hunger and fear i booked it back to my vehicle. i fumbled with the key for the trunk, cursing under my breath and my delicious mesquite chicken sub slowly getting colder the longer i'm under attack. throwing things left and right i finally come across the can i was looking for... carburetor cleaner. this should do the trick.

end of story. i ate my sub. it was exquisite. then i painted this:
i call it "dark side of the rainbow"
school tomorrow
goodnight cruel world.

munnies and fun things

Today i went on a journey. Not a horribly far distance, just to Lift in Royal Oak Michigan. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and procured for myself a MUNNY!

I've been wanting to design one as long as i've known about them. I also got myself a delicious Kozik smoking lighter pictured at the right along side of my mini munny and bear.

this will be exciting. i'll be posting process and finals when its done :D
wish me luck on my first vinyl toy endeavor. On a side note, i've stocked up on 70$ worth of canvas, and i'm working my butt off right now trying to be productive. It is always unfortunate when the productivity has to be forced. I think i intimidated myself a bit this week, but today i'm getting back on track :)

New paintings soon - as soon as i borrow or buy a digital camera. Some larger works are in the process as well as some really fun smaller pieces. Most of those will be (hopefully) taken down to 323 east in royal oak soon. I have my review at CCS first, than freedom.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my condolences ...

so, today, at the age of 86, everyone's favorite sassy golden girl, passed away.

I remember as a child enjoying all the old sitcoms; andy griffith, leave it to beaver, and of course, the golden girls. one of the very few memories i have left of my grandmother (she passed when i was very young) was watching the golden girls together.

so to you bea arthur, i say goodbye.

Friday, April 17, 2009

So, today and yesterday, besides the usual, i spent most of my day in front of my monitor working on revamping my website to add a certain element of professionalism. important stuff. remaining positive and working hard, doing all i can to keep this going. --- crystal mielcarek illustration

Painting and watching a bit of mindless television besides just to break the website tedium. sometimes you just need to give the old eyes a break from staring at a screen... by staring at another screen i guess. i really need to get myself a digital camera so i can share some love on this here blog and of course, so i can more easily get digital images of some of my bigger pieces.

Putting together separate scanned images just is not my favorite activity i guess.

Lets get some extra zzzz's tonight, interweb

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attention my loyal followers:

I now have my very own shop hosted at
cafe press!
Please check it out and let me know what you think! I'm willing to take requests for different shirts and stuff if there is something you'd love to have that's not represented :)

Vintage Lunchboxes

So, here it is. My secret passion. I've been collecting lunchboxes since i was about... fourteen or fifteen i would guess. I had just started high school. Prior to the vintage boxes, i would grab any random one off the shelf at a Meijer and Peel the sticker off so i could decorate it myself. I still have a few of these hand decorated boxes as well, but these are my pride and joy.

above we have a tiny part of a plastic mario box, pac man plastic from the old cartoon, a delicious popples lunchbox, a metal aladdin pac man box from 1980, then the A-team and another popples box.

In this second pic we have: Teddy Ruxpin, the Care Bear Cousins, My little Pony and The Cabbage Patch kids.

I have so many lined on my kitchen cupboards, some are stacked two deep. I rotate now and again to keep things fresh.

Well so much for going to bed. I couldn't help it, i got excited about my lunchbox blog. So now really, one last cigarette and it's off to snooze a bit before class in the morning. Goodnite internet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

so i tell myself to start...

appealing more to the children's book market... and what do i do? lol... well, in other news, i've decided my best bet and first move will be to start submitting to some children's book publishers. my style lends itself well to that market, even though my content and sense of humor will not be appriciated in some aspects of the venue.

it's easy enough for me to censor myself though :) and i've also got the novi comic convention coming up next month, though i dont think i'll be able to afford a table, i will surely be there at least one day to show my work around to publishers. i used to know so many people at the comic cons... when i was 17-20 i would get a table every year, go out with the creators after the show for dinner and parties. it was the life, a geeky life, but fun as hell :)

so yes, tonite, i finally painted on this red canvas i had floating around. i'd started something like this on it, but it wasn't going in the direction i wanted. so here we are, a little rotation and more definition and i'm starting to get somewhere. i'll be finishing this piece up tomorrow or wednesday hopefully, for critique in senior studio on thursday. i also have this great, calm, buddhist looking elephant piece i'm also submitting. quite the contrast it will be.

now that it's three in the morning and i'm beginning to talk like yoda, i think it's time to retire.
though one final note, at the comic convention in novi this year, we have special guest carrie fisher to look forward to! instead of praising her for her role as leia though, i really want to tell her how much i enjoyed her performance in "Drop Dead Fred"

p.p.s. the storm trooper that said "these are not the droids we're looking for" is also gonna be there.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where the magic happens...

So, i know that when i look at other blogs, or artist websites, being an artist myself it's always interesting seeing other people's work space. The things which one has around to inspire them, it's all very telling. So here it is, a shot of my (recently cleaned up) workspace.

I'm going to post a shot of some of my collectibles as well soon. I'm a big fan of anything vintage, especially cheesy eighties toys and lunchboxes. I have a vast metal Aladdin lunchbox assortment also tons of Pac-man and Mario toys.

So today in the studio i did a small marker drawing in ye old sketchbook. The Disney Cheshire cat in my style. I'll share it with you now:

The day is now done. g'nite

Detroit Zoo Poster Competition

So, last month the illustration department at the College for Creative Studies was approached to do a poster design for the Detroit Zoo. There were 54 submissions, here is mine:I was trying to go for something that would appeal to everyone and had to stray away from my typical sarcasm and humor. I started with the animal designs, then played around with the color fields on the computer - which is again out of my normal element.

Yesterday, the zoo announced the winners: four honorable mentions, a first through fifth place and a best of show - which is the poster to be used and somehow, i took best of show!!:

Now, my poster will be used at the detroit zoo as the official poster, my art becomes part of the zoo's permanent collection and i also received a scholarship!

exciting and wonderful news from my world!

Monday, April 6, 2009


well, i don't mean to nelglect you blog, but unfortunately, so much stuff has been going on that typing just seems like too much lol. So, here i am. it's time now for me to actually figure stuff out and do something with all of this crazy random art of mine.

this is me and my bunny.
that weird thing in my ear is a bluetooth, and though i hate them, the speaker on my really old ass phone finally committed suicide so if i want to talk to anyone not on speakerphone i'm stuck with it. i also have a really amazing post coming up about how mormon's shouldnt write vampire stories lol. silly stephanie meyers.

for now, that is all