Friday, April 9, 2010

And I almost forgot..!

Glass, Cinder and Thorns went great! Now that the opening is done and over, here are the pieces i submitted to the show :) The show got tons of coverage and i was mentioned in RealDetroit or Metrotimes... hmm... one of the two anyway. it was a great quote too...hold on i'm going to find it....

here is a link to an article on

my part "Crystal Mielcarek’s “Inside the Belly of the Beast,” features the victim as powerless, trapped inside the bloody viscera of her oppressor."

Nice wording author person!

here is a link

it was Real Detroit
they used my image in the article :)

sweet times.

and i've recieved several invites to participate in other shows since Cinder & Thorns

We can only keep striving to improve and to keep creating.

a little something, something...

Hello internet world, it's been a while. Crystal has been working hard at her day job, sketching a lot, so many paintings on the back-burner for future pieces. Fortunately, on an unrelated note, i made chili for dinner.

Here is a little tracing paper color study for a little something, something:

Nothing beats spending an afternoon drawing some fantastic boobs, lol. We shall see if this one moves forward :) if folks like it maybe i'll paint this up.

I'm really trying to get rid of everything i own too... so if you think i would have something you would like, hit me up... i have all kinds of crap. Art, Dvds, television sets, old video game systems, books, cds, knick knacks, some vintage lunchboxes, comic books... all must go. :) <3 to you world. Reach out and really try to reach your full potential- and sit back and really realize how much you can do if you put your mind to it.