Saturday, October 18, 2008

baby we were born to run

here it is
bruce springsteen art!
i guess i just felt my little blog deserved an update
i'm working on starting a comic
though i've forgotten how
s o m y w o r k i s c u t o u t f o r m e

so i'm working on some sketching
coming up with characters
and thinking of stories for them

oh and i was randomly selected for jury duty.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my favorite painting and then some

so here it is. dunno why but i just love this piece, and i'm typically the critic, especially when it come to my own work. plus this one was just totally fun to work on.

so saturday here you are, gotta work tonight
hopefully i can get some sketching done before work... i also have a take home midterm to work on before class tuesday which i have not started yet... unnerving really. and here is an elephant.

so i got a message from a friend i havent talked to in months... she had broken into one of my accounts and trash talked me to someone i hadnt talked to in years. she apologized. for a lot of things... and i'm just not sure how to or if i should reply... she was pretty nasty but i've known this chick since forever - like ninth grade... lol...
she was my oldest friend, and yes, i did and do on occasion miss this person. we lived together and were very close for a long time. i just dont think i know how to so easily forgive and forget. or her intentions really. is the message just for her own piece of mind, like, ok i did wrong but i apologized or is she trying to be my friend again. because in that case trust is long lost and i'm just really not sure if it'll ever be there again between us...

Friday, October 3, 2008


  1. Locate the error and correct it
  2. one must strive hard to reach his or her goal
  3. her collection of antique toys fills the house.
  4. without help, annual plants will succumb during a drought.
  5. looking out from my window i saw the sky was inky black.
  6. acid rain


Many people believe masturbation a taboo topic, but in actuality the process of self-discovery is a normal and healthy step during adolescence and should be open to dinnertime discussions. When a child first becomes aware of his/her sexuality this may begin with masturbation; a wonderful way for the child to come to terms with these new feelings. Later in life this will also be the guide book for your sexual likes and dislikes. So, kids, make sure to describe this even in full, graphic detail to your parents so they can be as proud of you as I am.

breaking news

In Manaus Brazil a man-eating piranha fish devoured fisherman, Zeca Vincente when he tumbled into the water during a battle with 300 farmers for possession of an amazon jungle lake.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a change of pace

so i think i must have been on crack
when i created this image. even compared
with the limited assortment i've
posted on here i realize it is just completely different in mood - almost serene and calm...
most of my other stuff is a little... shouty. that's a good made up word. but everyone always likes this one, so here's a "change of pace"

new art and the soothing sound of the temptations

so here is some new art that i did in the last couple days.
sketchbooks are fun shit.
so hopefully i'll get a couple more pieces done in the next few days. maybe i'll figure out what to do with them finally :)
i also get to start working on a children's book that centers around baboons in school. we'll see how this one goes :)
my first plan of action, figure out a good way to draw a baboon.

this little dude is gonna eat your fucking soul.

work work work school work work

such a cute desktop, no? damn i desperately need a new computer... half the time when i try to save an illustrator or photoshop document (which could be hours and hours of work) my computer will freeze up and i'll have to force quit stuff and then i loose everything. so yeah... it's time. as soon as i get my college refund i will be purchasing a new computer... i cant seem to force myself to switch to PC though... so i'll probably be spending much more money than i want to.
the art on my desktop is done by Mark Ryden
fun stuff. many times my desktop is a vintage picture of some spanking action... :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wandering hearts, wandering minds...

ok, so not scary so much, but i made this today. Its strange how caught up you can get on the computer. I'm still working on a business card and promotional postcard for my class, but find myself distracted by things such as British comedy "black books" or a giant painting i'm working on which is really just a doodle, or small things like this, instead of concentrating on the task at hand. Ive been looking at some amazing art lately, and enjoying the finer things in life, like today i treated myself to barbecue chicken pizza. absolutely delectable. its nearing time for sleep, though my regular sleep habits have been totally thrown off due to staying up till six or eight a.m. and sleeping until two in the afternoon... and tomorrow i work in the morning, which doesn't work well when i'm being an insomniac. my desktop has turned into a barrage of photo reference, weird things, versions of files (all with weird names so i never remember what i'm doing) bah... that's how i feel about that. well i should sketch more, or do my homework... lol...

...and i hate pretzels by the way

Yeah, there isn't really anything wrong with toast. I wish there was so then I would have some interesting information to share. Besides pretzels, i really hate millipedes. Those things make me scream like a little pussy girl. I am a girl so don't be offended ladies.
Other than that, i have much to update with, so very little time...