Thursday, January 14, 2010

munny on a partly sunny day

Good afternoon world, it is i, Crystal, ruler of ... my tiny apartment. Been doing great on motivation lately, i feel like my brain might finally be functioning. After graduation i took a long needed mental holiday, i've still been drawing and doing art, i just wasn't as productive as i could be.

I'm great now despite the fact i've got a slight head cold, and nothing tastes good except coffee. It doesn't help that i've been spending some time outdoors, but it's been warmer these last few days and i've needed to clear my head. It's almost impossible to organize all of the plans and projects that are in my brain meat lately. I'm working on a little mini-zine which i started writing last night. I've also got paintings in the works for my March 20th show at 323 East. I still have tarot cards to finish and i just started my 2nd Munny doll: my Money Munny. Sneak peak preview shot of his back.

On another Munny note, i finally got pictures of my completed Mini-Munny. Take a gander :

And some random doodles from yesterday:
and that folks, is all she wrote.


Sara Joseph said...

If that doodle turns into what I think it will, Alice will look amazing :) Did I mention I had a dream I was you? I could draw and it was fantastic, for the 20 min. my dream lasted, lol.

Jellyfish Opera said...

Haha that munny is all forms of perfection and awesome.

Speaking of doodles, I've found it to be a habit of mine to go into stores or resturants and doodle on napkins...but I tend to leave them behind.