Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Federal Express is my enemy or tell your brain i say goodbye

Been spending my days waiting. and waiting. FedEx decided the roads were bad today and they didn't have the time to deliver my package which was on their truck all day. Now i am super exhausted.

I had a sketch date with a good friend and spent my day painting. Here are a couple secretive progress shots for a couple new paintings i'm working on. ;)
they will be available for viewing soon.

Interesting Tidbit: in the original version of "the little mermaid" the mermaid falls in love with the prince but when she gets her legs, every step she took was as painful as walking on knives and she bled from her feet constantly. After she failed time and time again to get the prince to fall for her, she dies in the ocean - turning to foam and doomed to be forever spiritless in the afterlife.

Now back to more reading and sleep. I'm trying to get through an audiobook on public schools which is totally enthralling and informative. It makes me want to force any of my friends with children to home school.

I'm also re-reading cat's cradle by vonnegut and want to get through some of the other novels on my shelf that i may or may not have finished. plus... as you grow older... life perspectives start to change.. and a book that may have had one certain meaning to you when you were a child or youth... may be interpreted in a completely different way upon a re-read or as time passes... I've found this to be true in many cases. Two in particular were "the bell jar" by sylvia plath and "catcher in the rye" by salinger.

Well peace be with you
Time for me to depart this weird internet land for the evening.
i've been far too social lately as it is.

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