Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vintage Lunchboxes

So, here it is. My secret passion. I've been collecting lunchboxes since i was about... fourteen or fifteen i would guess. I had just started high school. Prior to the vintage boxes, i would grab any random one off the shelf at a Meijer and Peel the sticker off so i could decorate it myself. I still have a few of these hand decorated boxes as well, but these are my pride and joy.

above we have a tiny part of a plastic mario box, pac man plastic from the old cartoon, a delicious popples lunchbox, a metal aladdin pac man box from 1980, then the A-team and another popples box.

In this second pic we have: Teddy Ruxpin, the Care Bear Cousins, My little Pony and The Cabbage Patch kids.

I have so many lined on my kitchen cupboards, some are stacked two deep. I rotate now and again to keep things fresh.

Well so much for going to bed. I couldn't help it, i got excited about my lunchbox blog. So now really, one last cigarette and it's off to snooze a bit before class in the morning. Goodnite internet.

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