Monday, April 13, 2009

so i tell myself to start...

appealing more to the children's book market... and what do i do? lol... well, in other news, i've decided my best bet and first move will be to start submitting to some children's book publishers. my style lends itself well to that market, even though my content and sense of humor will not be appriciated in some aspects of the venue.

it's easy enough for me to censor myself though :) and i've also got the novi comic convention coming up next month, though i dont think i'll be able to afford a table, i will surely be there at least one day to show my work around to publishers. i used to know so many people at the comic cons... when i was 17-20 i would get a table every year, go out with the creators after the show for dinner and parties. it was the life, a geeky life, but fun as hell :)

so yes, tonite, i finally painted on this red canvas i had floating around. i'd started something like this on it, but it wasn't going in the direction i wanted. so here we are, a little rotation and more definition and i'm starting to get somewhere. i'll be finishing this piece up tomorrow or wednesday hopefully, for critique in senior studio on thursday. i also have this great, calm, buddhist looking elephant piece i'm also submitting. quite the contrast it will be.

now that it's three in the morning and i'm beginning to talk like yoda, i think it's time to retire.
though one final note, at the comic convention in novi this year, we have special guest carrie fisher to look forward to! instead of praising her for her role as leia though, i really want to tell her how much i enjoyed her performance in "Drop Dead Fred"

p.p.s. the storm trooper that said "these are not the droids we're looking for" is also gonna be there.

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