Monday, April 27, 2009

munnies and fun things

Today i went on a journey. Not a horribly far distance, just to Lift in Royal Oak Michigan. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and procured for myself a MUNNY!

I've been wanting to design one as long as i've known about them. I also got myself a delicious Kozik smoking lighter pictured at the right along side of my mini munny and bear.

this will be exciting. i'll be posting process and finals when its done :D
wish me luck on my first vinyl toy endeavor. On a side note, i've stocked up on 70$ worth of canvas, and i'm working my butt off right now trying to be productive. It is always unfortunate when the productivity has to be forced. I think i intimidated myself a bit this week, but today i'm getting back on track :)

New paintings soon - as soon as i borrow or buy a digital camera. Some larger works are in the process as well as some really fun smaller pieces. Most of those will be (hopefully) taken down to 323 east in royal oak soon. I have my review at CCS first, than freedom.

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