Thursday, March 28, 2013

Body Harvest

N64 at its finest. 

Body Harvest is one of the finest pieces of media I've ever encountered. Ever.

Tickling dead bodies is pretty hilarious. 
Alien bugs attack!

Try out many different vehicles 
 This game is like Grand Theft Auto with aliens but better.  Its got this great landscape of desert and random homes.  Beware the water because you will drown.  There are fun interactions such as, reading books on shelves and lighting lanterns and tickling dead bodies in caves.

Read signs and enter houses!
The controls are a little awkward but you get used to them quickly. But really, you can drive around in cars and you will get randomly attacked by giant alien bugs, while you try to figure out where the hell to go on each of your missions.  But you will have a ton of fun exploring and doing trick jumps and killing random civilians.

Don't forget to shoot alien bugs!

This game is not for the weak of heart and it is definitely on my list of favorite games of all time. If you ever have the opportunity to play this game jump on it.

*Hint* when placing TNT back the fuck up!

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