Tuesday, December 8, 2009

noel night and other fun

So, i participated in "noel night" this year :)
it was a great experience and i made a bit of money
the shot to the left is my table
i shared with a friend of mine, emily aka vivid
check out her twitter for more info

i didn't sell as many prints as i'd have liked but people were excited and anxious to buy original pieces and charms :)

i think it gives me a better idea what to expect for next time and the next show i decide to do
so now i guess it's time to start looking around for the next event!
i'll keep better posted next time, this was a sudden sort of thing that i hadn't heard about at first and then rushed to participate :)

p.s. senior year is coming to a close
graduation money accepted lol paypal : smushbox@gmail.com
it's been eight long years
and now i'll finally have my BFA in illustration.

now to find a job...

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