Friday, August 21, 2009

the truth is out there

Hello everyone!

Here is what's happening in my world:

I spent many hours yesterday updating
all of my more current work is now viewable and/or purchasable through my site
i accept paypal and check/money orders
there are prices on some of the paintings
and if there is anything else of interest to anyone make me an offer

i'm working on a few new pieces now, the most current that i've finished is
the pink octopus and he's (hopefully) SOLD

the geisha is also out the door
(thank you sara!)

school starts very soon (sept 9th)
and hopefully i can finish up my last two classes!
and have my BFA

Other than that i'm still truckin! Makin work and looking for work (so hit me up if you have something specific in mind) I've got prints available through me, etsy and cafepress (links available on my site and myspace) feel free to add me on whatever btw :)

g'nite all!

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