Thursday, May 7, 2009

munny in progress

hmm.. in recent news
i attended the opening at cpop which was fantastic
i'd never been to an opening before
but i think i'd do it again, free beer, lots of artwork, and people everywhere that looked familiar but i just couldn't place where i knew them. don't you just hate it when that happens?

323 east has agreed to show some of my work and
in about a week and a half i'll have stuff there
pretty exciting i'd say
my first bit as a gallery artist, tee hee

and on to today which i spent time sketching and working on painting my munny
progress shot for you

so, no bad news from here.

tomorrow i drop a couple pieces of in the D for the student show at CCS. I got a pretty fab review and i got a whopping seven pieces in the show (be it some are 5x7 but still, a nice lucky number) so excitement ensues as the semester comes to a close. my summer will be full of painting and outdoor activity and hopefully i'll have some amazing ideas to close out my final semester at CCS

after eight years, its about time i graduate, wouldn't you say?

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