Friday, November 21, 2008

a couple more images
this is my black pussy cat
he's all full of love.
i really should be sleeping since i have work very early in the a.m. and whatnot
and i'm a bit hungry
since i skipped dinner
too much to do so little time is what i say.
i'd love to be working on some more sketches
or my website
or even *gasp* my paper on Japanese emaki

and the winter blues are hitting me strong
random reflections on life
lack of sun
shorter days and did i mention no sun

so this appeared
a true expression of how i feel this time of year
we aren't quite to snow yet
but it's dreary and wet nearly every day
besides that
i have a leak in my bathroom that the repair guys just cant seem to pinpoint
so in addition i get to deal with it being dreary and wet in my own apartment.
so much fun....
i've been soaking it up with a blanket because at times it's so deep it's like a puddle outside
or a minor body of water.
i'm typing a lot right now...
i'm listening to T.I. "king"
i heard a lot of good stuff about it when i was working at the record store.
but never really listened to it.
i'm re-watching death note
and getting my hands on some evangelion to re-watch as well
i feel itchy.
one more piece of art.

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