Saturday, October 18, 2008

baby we were born to run

here it is
bruce springsteen art!
i guess i just felt my little blog deserved an update
i'm working on starting a comic
though i've forgotten how
s o m y w o r k i s c u t o u t f o r m e

so i'm working on some sketching
coming up with characters
and thinking of stories for them

oh and i was randomly selected for jury duty.


joel wyatt said...

Hey, there!

I love, love, love your art!

I know shameless self-promotion is totally lame, but - as a fellow 'Love Fights' fan - I'd be honored if you'd come check out my blog.

joel wyatt said...


Post a drawing or something, wouldja? I need some inspiration!!

smushbox said...

there you go! more artwork!